24 Jun

Ok, let me start from the beginning.

Hello World and Welcome to OG Heatlh Café !!! That is our 1st post and we want to give You a warm “Welcome” & Thank You for stopping by. OG Health Café is the place for everyone Who Likes-Loves-Lives ( 3 big L’s ) a Healthy & Wealthy Lifestyle, Who 3L’s Friendship, Positive Attitude and … of course COFFEE !!!

Let me just introduce ourselves – we are 4J’s ( Jolanta, Julius, Jaune & Joris ) and a Healthy Lifestyle is our Lifestyle !!! Our family motto is “Wish It …Dream It … DO IT !!!”

So, we make wishes, we like to dream but most of all, we love to DO IT! So, we have couple other businesses that we are passionate about but OG Health Café is SOMETHING DIFFERENT !!!  After just the 1st sip I took, I knew it right away – it was something very special about that coffee and I was so so right. It’s not just the healthy coffee, the Life Changing Opportunity is way above that. With our OG Health Café growing and with Organo Gold company taking the whole World by storm – it is so much to look forward to. Yes, we try to bring this healthy coffee option to as many homes as possible, but we also introduce the Life Changing Business Opportunity to people, help them build self-esteem, develop leadership skills so they can achieve well deserved financial stability and freedom. Yeah !!! Don’t we all need and want that? Oh, Yes !- So, never say “No” to the Opportunity, Dream BIG and… here we are- enjoying our journey and everyone whom we meet in our Life !

 I think that’s enough said for now. So, we really hope you enjoy time at OG Health Café every time you stop by, we hope you’ll find “this spot” entertaining, welcoming and informative. Please, share our page with as many people as You can, bring some friends, chat and let’s get together for some HEALTHY COFFEE !!!

Remember – Dream BIG & have a Coffee-Licious Day!

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