I have over 20 allergies and was told to avoid drinking coffee, tea and alcohol.
Being an avid coffee drinker since I was about 5 or 6 years old, this was shock
to the system! I have tried to quit but experience the typical reactions from
caffeine. Since I started on the ganoderma coffee (OG), I am drinking 2-3 cups a
day, am not dehydrated, and do not experience the anxiety, the shakes or the
acid taste. I have found it to clean out the digestive system and have even lost
three pounds in two weeks without changing my eating habits! The most amazing,
yet unusual thing I discovered occurred when (by accident), I left a packet of
“black coffee” in a beige pair of pants which went through the washer “and” the
drier! But it didn’t break open; now that’s what I call the excellent product

Helen Offenberger Pelly, Saskatchewan, Canada
On the first day that I sampled this delicious and wonderful tasting OG Coffee with 100% Certified Organic ganoderma, I tried the Black first and I experiencedan increase in my energy within a matter of minutes and actually cut my appetite so therefore I don’t have the urge to snack during the day. I simply Love all 3
coffee blends and I can’t wait to taste the Hot Chocolate and Green Tea. I feel so blessed to be a part of this great organization…..the OG family…thank you 

Jackie M., California

For the last few years I’ve had an incredibly sensitive stomach. I couldn’t eat any dairy products without feeling nauseous or being sick. After only a couple of DAYS of drinking Organo Black Coffee I noticed that I didn’t get sick eating dairy!!! That day i ate a HUGE block of cheddar cheese!!!! I love cheese!!! I am so happy and so thankful that i was introduced to this product and i won’t rest until every single person i know tries it!!!!

Thank you sooooo much!!!!

Dina M.
Duncan, BC (Canada)

Also, for the past 10 yrs(since birth of my daughter) I had been diagnosed with High Blood Pressure. I have changed pills 3 times in an attempt to regulate my pressure. During the 1st week of Dec 09, I purchased a 3 month supply (90 pills) of Blood Pressure Pills. However, I misplaced them. The 1st week of December was
the last time I took my pills. Because I didn’t want to know what my reading was (please don’t try this at home) I did not check my pressure for a period of time. On Friday, Jan 30, my mom gave me the wrist monitor and I checked my pressure 3 times due to the shocked response I received. My blood pressure read 117/73 and 123/80 and 116/75–these are numbers I have never seen since my diagnoses and the intake of meds. However it is a coincidence during the absence of me not taking my meds, I consumed 2 myceliums, 2 ganoderma, 2 spores and 1 grape seed 2/3 times/day with a 1-2 cups of latte/day. Today is February 5–I still have not taken a pill.

By the way my Hubby found the pills 2 days ago all he said was that it was meant for me not to take them. MY GOD!!!

Tamekia W.
Miami, Florida
Hello.. My name is Scott O’Brien from Buffalo, NY and I have been in the Floor Covering Industry for over 20 years as a business owner, sales rep and installation specialist. I have tried several work at home opportunities
including a couple of juices businesses, diet programs and the travel industry, but I can say without a doubt… nothing is as simple and easy as a Coffee Business. How hard is it to say to someone: “Hey, let’s have Coffee together”? This is the first business I have ever been involved in where my Mom and Dad, My Family, My
Friends, My Co-Workers and even my Doctors are enjoying my Healthy Products including the healthier coffee beverages.

What I love most about Organo Gold is the passion to deliver Health to people all around the world using
“Coffee” as the delivery method. It is GENIUS! Everyone either drinks coffee or knows someone who does and if they don’t drink coffee, they surely drink tea or hot chocolate right? Something for Everyone and they can get health in every cup… “One Sip at a Time” and they keep drinking it every month because the coffee is absolutely Delicious too!

Thank You Organo Gold for introducing me to a coffee that I am proud to drink and offer to others that I love and care about and I love hearing how great everyone is feeling and how much they love the taste.

Have a Coffee-Licious Day!

Scott O.
Buffalo, NY
Hello, thank you so much for this opportunity to assist so many people.
This is my testimonial:

My name is Pamela Good for many years I would drink coffee everyday. My body could no longer tolerate the acidity and started to react negatively. There were two occasions 6 months apart where I had a cup of coffee and within a couple of hours ended up in the hospital, dehydrated and sick. They treated me with IV’s to hydrate my system and determined it was the acidity that made me sick.

I stopped drinking coffee, until recently. A client of mine introduced me to Organo Gold. I invited a coffee drinking friend to meet with me. I asked him to first give me his opinion on the taste, he liked it. I ended up drinking most of his Mocha and loved it, did not get sick or experience any discomfort what so ever. I am on a mission to find all coffee lovers that had to give it up. Organo Gold is sooo great! I want everyone to enjoy Healthier Coffee, Hot Chocolate and Green Tea!

Thank You!

Pamela G. (CME)
Certified Medical Esthetician
Nutritional Cleansing Coach

Ok, I LOVE LOVE LOVE all Organo Gold products from the 1st time I tried them- the taste is just unbelievable and it’s healthy. Well, I don’t have any major issues with my health ( Thank God ) but what I noticed was the great boost of energy I was getting and the energy would last for the whole day despite the lack of rest I was getting. Amazing! Also, my sinuses started to clear and after 2 weeks of drinking OG Coffee – it was gone.

And, I am drinking my cup of morning Noir Coffee as I am typing. Well, since yesterday I had this really bad headache that was not going away- I felt this pinch in my neck, tried to massage, put a warm relaxing pillow with different herbs and nothing was working. The pain was getting so sharp that I was getting really nauseous. And then I decided to have a cup of our healthy coffee. Ok, I could not believe that- I started to feel relief in my neck just after 2 sips and my pain was totally gone after couple more sips. This Ganoderma – it really does miracles, believe me !!!

Now, OG Health Cafe is my business and am so so happy & excited to be sharing this amazing product with everyone around the world, educating people and bringing this Life Changing Business Opportunity to their lives and their families !!!

Jolanta V.
Orange County, CA


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